Chillicothe Burning

by Shall Be

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released July 9, 2011

Josh Richter,Jonathan Murray,Nicky Richter,John Huffman,Justin Daily

Engineered by Jamie King of "The Basement Recording Studios" in Winston-Salem North Carolina



all rights reserved


Shall Be Chillicothe, Ohio

Experimental Metal band from Chillicothe Ohio

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Track Name: Chillicothe Burning
"Chillicothe Burning"
I slowly start to care less and less as I stand from the balcony of my best friends house.
Now I stand there fully aware in the middle of the night, watching my city burn.
Watching the rats run from the back alleys, and watching the people flood the broken roads, as the dam broke from the pressure, I can't help but to feel swept away.
By the music that is the cries of the people, the dwellers, the mouth breathers, the parasite that walk on the streets of my town, there is no smell sweeter then the smell of arson.
Nothing, there is no other way to describe how warm I feel, the heat from the fires, remind me that I got what I wanted, the power grows stronger as my city ignites.
You can have it all, you can take this town, burn the people with fire whatever you have to do, do it.
I wont mind I will watch it all and at that point and time I slowly start to care less and less as I stand from the balcony of my best friends house, I will finally be able to sleep at night with nails now clenching the railing and a smile on my face I watch it burn.
Track Name: With Empty Hands
"With Empty Hands"
Just so you know, just for the record, I come to you all alone, I walk with my mouth shut, but my eyes open wide, just so you know, just for the record I come to you with empty hands
I never have had anything anyway and it seems, that I never will, I will die with nothing
As I was, before you, as I am now, you should have known, I am nothing and with nothing I come to you with empty hands
I could paint a most vivid picture of raw aggression, with the blood spilt from your wound, a wound I created from my sharp tongue blade mind, and my dagger like whit, I'd cut your throat before the air could leak that cellar like cavity
My vault of mind will capture those antics forever, never forgetting and when I'm done, regurgitating this documentary of what I have seen and all I have learned
But then I say enough, I will never have anything, I come to grips with that a long, long time ago, I come to you with empty hands
As I was before you, as I am now, I will never have anything I came to grips with that a long, long time ago, as I come to you with empty hands
Track Name: So Far The Horizon
"So Far The Horizon"
I could stand on the highest mountain, the highest point in the world, and I would still feel so low. I can see the depths of the ocean from there, and it is terrifying. I need some sort of change, some sort of reason to want to wake up.
The air is so thin I’m always gasping for life, From up here I can smell the smoke from the fires I started. The burning smell of hearts sour’s my face. There’s reasons for my actions, it haunts me in my sleep.
I am obsessed with devastation, the vessels in my eyes start to strain the tears flood my face, my breath smells of hate and disgust with the fact that I reside here living here with you, under the pressures of walking with this burden on my back this weight on my chest and these shackles binding me to earth.
I’m standing still while the rest of the world had left me behind.
The people of this planet had let me down, so I will not treat you with respect or even shake your hand, you made me so damn bitter so I fled to higher land, now I stay in seclusion claiming mountains as my home.
But when I’m forced to face the end I will bring you down with me , when we meet on common ground facing this horizon.
Drown in these crashing waves, I will not lend a hand, the world spit in my face and I’m not afraid to watch it die.
Track Name: Needles Kane
"Needles Kane"
No matter how far I go, I will always find my way back home
Things are far from what they used to be, I’ll spend the remainder of my days pushing down my memories of my childhood, and I will spend the rest of my nights grinding teeth
Stop trying to build me up, I’m a stray dog, I’m a drifter
A drifter, so do the world a favor and put me down
Those are our hand prints in the stone